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Das remoteSchach-Clientprogramm

With the remoteChess client program you can manage and play your games also without a website access. The advantage is, that you only need to be online (connected to the internet) when you are sending data to or receiving data from the remoteChess server. You can first comfortably answer your moves offline and then exchange the moves in one go. An included chat and many other things increase the fun when playing your games.

remoteSchach-Client 1.4: [ Download nowInstall instructions
Date: 18.06.2007 22:46 - Size: ca. 1440 KB
Please close a running remoteSchach application before installation.

remoteSchach-Client 1.6: jetzt mit Chess960! [ Download nowInstall instructions
Date: 22.01.2008 14:08 - Size: ca. 1474 KB
Please close a running remoteSchach application before installation.

System requirements (for the client program)
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista
20 MB freier Arbeitsspeicher
10 MB freier Festplattenspeicher


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